Our Services

Our Services

Our Parlour offers a full range of Extradionary treatments and styling services provided by a team of professional stylists, all in a clean air environment. As a clean air parlor, we offer ammonia-free color services with little to no scent properties or chemical emanation. This healthier alternative to traditional coloring practices is also safe for expecting mothers and individuals with allergies or scent sensitivities.

Make Your Soul Smile Again

It’s time to sit back, relax and allow us to pamper you. At space, we offer unique spa packages for men, women, couples and also kids.

Better Products

The products we use are made from the choicest natural spices, oils and herbs. They’re a handcrafted blend of unadulterated goodness. In fact, our exquisite range of chemical-free ingredients is one of the reasons we enjoy the patronage of thousands of happy clients. Providing well being to our highly valued clients.

Better Care

Come experience the bliss of therapeutic relaxation at the hands of well trained professional masseurs. All you have to do is inform our masseurs of any particular health condition that must be taken into considerations, and they’ll take all the right precautions.

Better Space

Our Parlour is unique and varies from rustic to modern in terms of ambiance. We provide a relaxing feel and have cosy rooms that are kept in the most hygienic and visually pleasing manner. Rooms are set up to meet the needs of our guests and provide them with the most rejuvenating experience.