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You Will Like To Look Like Goddes Every Day!

During your consultation we consider what you wear, how you maintain your hair and offer our professional recommendation on your personal image plan.

We are Professional

We make you Feel Relaxed, Refreshed and Rejuvenated in Mind, Body and Soul.

Lux Cosmetic

We Offer a Fascinating Selection of Facials, Body Treatments. Maintains high level of professionalism.

instant fair ( dtan )

Tan refers to the uneven coloring of your skin after sun exposure. Your skin contains melanin, a chemical responsible for pigmentation.

Hair Streaks

Caramelize your hair and wear it curly to show off this beauty. Brown Curly Hair with Caramel Streaks.


Our Portfolio

Achieve healthy and beautiful skin by indulging in our customized treatments and products. The therapies offered at the spa are not intended for only mental and physical relaxation, but are also proven for their health benefits.

Services For Men

The grooming industry is getting a Majestic makeover in Palakkad! A few years ago, if a man wanted a haircut, he went to the local barbershop, the kind with posters of film stars with gravity-defying hairdos on the walls. But we changed all that by introducing our complete family salon in Palakkad!